Ryan Harvey

Photos: Example 2

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2000 at 12:17 pm

Aperture and Shutter-Speed, EXAMPLE #2

Photo 1: This is the initial photo I shot at basic settings in my very dark hallway. Notice the details present in the lit parts of the window but no details on any surroundings.

Photo 2: Here I adjusted nothing except the shutter-speed to see what type of light absorbed on the digital sensor. Notice how the wall has come into the picture a little bit and that some of the detail in the window has been whited out. The blur is caused my slight motions as I tried to sit still. The lessons here is that shutter-speed on it’s own was not enough to capture a significant difference in the photo..

Photo 3: Here I adjusted the aperture lower to allow for a wider opening and also adjusted my ISO rating up all the way. Scientifically, I have not yet been able to identify why I was able to shoot this photograph, given that it is significantly brighter than my eye could see. I used no flash, yet somehow the light absorbed through the sole light source (the window) allowed for unlit portions of the room (the walls and frame) to come into focus.


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