Ryan Harvey

Questions for the Tea Party

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 11:25 pm

I have 5 key questions for the Tea Party today. They are as follows:

1. The Boston Tea Party is among the largest and certainly the best known acts of political sabotage in U.S. history. Does the Tea Party support anti-imperialist sabotage? That would be sweet.

2. The first person to die in the American Revolution was black. His name was Crispus Attucks. He was fighting what’s called an “occupation”. This is when one country goes into another and tries to control its political and economic decisions through force or the threat of force. The British did this here and in half of the word.

Are you opposed to this? If so, why do your main candidates and officials support the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan? Some of the laws overseen by American officials in Iraq are quite similar not only to those instituted in the 1930 Anglo-Iraqi Treaty with the British when they were occupying Iraq, but also to those instituted across New England in the 1760’s under the British.

3. Every other capitalist country in the world has a government or pseudo-government health-care system that covers everyone. What’s socialist about following the steps of the other major capitalists?

It’s worth nothing that none of the other major capitalist powers are burying their futures through war spending. According to USA Today, the combined Iraq and Afghan wars cost about $1 trillion, 464 billion over a ten year period. The evil Health Care bill is slated to cost 848 billion over 10 years, and that’s according to Fox News. The Afghan war alone costs almost the same as the health care bill. So, war or health care?

4. Unlike the democratically elected and widely popular “dictators” of South America who happen to be the first wave of presidents in the region that weren’t installed after a violent overthrow backed by our government (your beloved Reagan and Milton Friedman included), our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan are, in fact, undemocratically seated.

You may not have paid attention to this, but “Prime Minister” Nouri al-Maliki lost the last election in Iraq but refused to leave, and he remains in power today. It has caused violence to escalate there as factions that had made peace with him have threatened to resume fighting. In Afghanistan, massive election fraud has been overseen, but Hamid Karzai, who was first appointed by the U.S. before winning a highly questionable “election”, remains in his seat. His presidency is threatening stability in Afghanistan almost as much as the U.S. presence, then again, without U.S. troops he would not be president.

5. Barack Obama is not a socialist, he’s a liberal. Socialists would probably fight Wall St. instead of pandering to them. He’s also not a fascist, as some of your “tea baggers” have suggested. Fascism is not usually something accompanied by black presidents. Rather, it is often accompanied by white mobilization with racial overtones or overt racism, hostility towards immigrants and “foreigners”, increased military spending based on an exaggeration of external threats, and increased domestic security targeting those who disagree with government policy or those otherwise deemed a threat.

Do we have this? I agree. Who oversaw hid new era? Was Bush a secret socialist who promoted these pre-fascist conditions to help Comrade Obama carry the evil plan through?


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